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Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker

Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker

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Make the heat buzz off and cool down for the summer!

  1. Easy to use, soft, and washable;  make the heat buzz off the Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker. The Honeycomb Ice Maker is  your partner-in-crime against the summer heat!
  2. Entertain the kids and guests with honeycomb-shaped ice with the Honeycomb ice Ice Maker! The Honeycomb ice Maker is your partner-in-crime against the summer heat!
  3. Jelly, juice,soda  or just plain water- simply freeze and enjoy your drink with the  Honeycomb Ice Maker. The Honeycomb Ice Maker is your partner in crime against the summer heat! 

The Honeycomb Ice maker is made from food-grade silicone, making it safe for drinking. The Honeycomb Ice maker is also washable with dishwashing soap. It’s soft material makes it easy for ice removal and it is also bendable, thus saving space on your cabinets and drawers!


Instant 38 Ice Cubes- Instantly get 38 ice cubes after freezing with the Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker! 

Honeycomb Ice Cubes- You may have been used to seeing cubed ice, but the Honeycomb Ice Cubes produce hexagon-shaped ice cubes that would spice up your drink anytime!

Easy To Use- Young children would love the Honeycomb Ice Maker! It is easy to use; simply fill with ice, freeze, and enjoy!

Safe- No need to worry about your safety because the Honeycomb Ice Maker is made from food-grade silicone and does not contain any BPA or other harmful compounds and chemicals. 

Large Capacity- The Honeycomb Ice Maker can hold a total of 350ml worth of water without any leaking or spillage. 

Strong- The Honeycomb Ice Maker can also hold slices of fruit, jellies, or candy within its individual honeycomb-shaped holes, thus making your drink have more pizzazz! 

Easy to Wash- The Honeycomb Ice Maker is easy to wash, simply wash with dishwashing soap and lukewarm water. 

How to Use

  • Thoroughly wash the Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker with soap and water.
  • Let it dry naturally or wipe it dry with a towel.
  • Pour ice, soda, jelly, water, or any drink of your choice in the individual honeycomb-shaped cavity.
  • Put the lid on and click it in place.
  • Freeze.
  • Take the Honeycomb Ice Maker out and lift the cover.
  • Bend the Honeycomb Ice Maker to remove the ice.
  • Drop the ice in your favorite drink and enjoy!
  • Wash the Honeycomb Ice Maker before and after use!
  • Do not use it for baking.


Material: Food Grade Silicone

Net Weight: 115g

Number of Cavities/Ice Cube Holes: 38

Color Options: Green, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, White   

Package Options: With or without Lid

Uses: Kitchen, Drinks 

Package Includes

X1 Honeycomb Ice Cube Maker 

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