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MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier

MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier

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MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier

MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier

Regular price $36.97
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Introducing MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier 🔥🌲 

Elevate your Christmas ambiance with our MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier. This essential oil diffuser creates a mesmerizingly realistic flame effect, adding a touch of magic to your space!

MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier Testimonials: Illuminate Your Holidays! 🌟🗣️

Quiet Diffuser 🤫

Experience tranquility with our unique noise reduction technology, keeping the diffuser's noise below 24 dB. Enjoy better sleep, focused work, and productive study sessions.

Premium Quality Materials 🌟

Crafted with care, our humidifier employs intelligent LED lights combined with a flame effect to create a truly lifelike atmosphere.

Auto Shut-Off Function 🛡️

Safety is paramount. Our Atmosphere diffuser automatically stops when water levels are low, ensuring peace of mind.

Portable & Versatile Usage 🏡

Designed with convenience in mind, this compact humidifier is easy to carry and perfect for any room.

Delicate Water Vapor 💧

Experience the soothing mist created through high-frequency sound wave atomization and high-speed oscillation. Enjoy delicate water vapor without any messy splashes.

Ideal Home Decoration 🏠

Turn your home into a haven of tranquility. The flame aromatherapy machine not only humidifies but also purifies and diffuses fragrances, creating a serene environment.

Flame Pattern Design 🔥

The unique flame pattern spray strikes a perfect balance between fire and water, adding a captivating dimension to your space.

Easy to Add Water 💦

Refilling is a breeze with the separate water tank structure. Just open the top cover and add clean water, making maintenance a breeze.

Large Capacity Water Tank 🚰

Experience continuous humidification with a generous 300ml water tank. Say goodbye to frequent refills.


  • Item Type: Flame Air Aroma Diffuser
  • Product Material: ABS
  • Water Capacity: 300ml
  • Light Color: Yellow light, blue light
  • Spray Mode: Double spray, single spray, micro fog
  • Voltage: 5V 2A
  • Applicable Liquid: Water, water-soluble oil (up to 3 drops), not suitable for fragrance enhancers and perfume

How to Use:

  1. Lift the top cover and pour water into the tank, to avoid exceeding the maximum water level.
  2. Power on, press the light button for the yellow light and press again for the blue light.
  3. Press the spray switch for dual spray, press again for single spray horizontal, and press once more for micro fog mode.

Customer Stories of Enchantment! 🌟🗣️

"Absolutely love this humidifier! It adds such a cozy feel to my home during the holidays. The flame effect is mesmerizing!" – Claire G. –

"I can't get enough of this! It's perfect for unwinding after a long day. The flame effect is so soothing, and the scent of the essential oils is heavenly." – Jessie S. –

"My kids are obsessed with this humidifier. It's become a nightly ritual to turn it on before bedtime. It creates a cozy, calming environment they adore!" – Amanda A. –

Package Includes: 

1x MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier

1x USB to Type-C Cable

1x Instructions

Elevate your space with MystiFlame™ Xmas Edition Humidifier. Enjoy a magical blend of fragrance, light, and mist, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Say hello to relaxation and comfort like never before! 🌟🔥🌲


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