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SootheSpot™ Patches Pack

SootheSpot™ Patches Pack

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SootheSpot™ Patches Pack

SootheSpot™ Patches Pack

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Relief, Wrapped in a Patch
Hear It from Them: Why SootheSpot™ Patches Pack Tops the List

“Hours over my paintbrush used to mean a stiff neck and shoulders. But since discovering SootheSpot™ Patches, I can lose myself in my art without worrying about what comes after.” - Gerald Parker., Milford Connecticut - 

“As a nurse, there's no such thing as a light day. Those 12-hour shifts used to leave me with aching knees and a throbbing lower back. Then I discovered SootheSpot™ Patches. Now, I just slap one on in the morning, and my discomfort never stands a chance.” - Meredith Collins., Chester Illinois - 

Unveiling the Power of Pain-Relief Patches

When the strains of modern life lead to muscle and joint discomfort, pain-relief patches step in as your silent champions. These innovative patches boast a blend of advanced technology and natural goodness, working harmoniously to alleviate discomfort. 

Whether it's a persistent ache from a long day at the desk or the aftermath of an intense workout, these patches offer targeted relief. With a unique combination of soothing warmth and herbal scents, they tackle muscle pain, joint soreness, and even minor strains and sprains. Discover a convenient, non-invasive solution that empowers you to conquer discomfort and seize the day pain-free.

Why Choose SootheSpot™ Patches Pack?

  • Targeted Comfort
  • Advanced Modern Technology
  • Dual Soothing Action
  • Versatile Application
  • Long Lasting Relief
  • Herbal Cream Core

Healthcare Experts Champion SootheSpot™

Dr. Emily Roberts, MD Board-Certified Pain Management Specialist Recipient of the Excellence in Pain Management Award Affiliated with the National Institute of Pain Relief

The Herbal Secret Behind SootheSpot™

Wormwood: Natural analgesic properties help alleviate pain by targeting discomfort at its source, promoting relaxation and soothing tense muscles.

Arnica: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects, Arnica reduces swelling, eases bruising, and accelerates the healing process for various types of pain.

Menthol: Instant cooling sensation helps relieve pain by numbing nerve endings and reducing inflammation, providing immediate comfort and relief.

Peppermint Oil: With its calming aroma and analgesic properties, Peppermint Oil provides a refreshing sensation, soothing muscle and joint pain.

Eucalyptus Oil: Acts as a natural vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the affected area, promoting healing, and providing a gentle warmth to alleviate pain.

Vitamin E: Known for its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E supports tissue repair, helping reduce pain by aiding the body's natural healing processes.

Vanilly Butyl Ether: Creates a warming sensation, stimulating blood flow to the area, soothing discomfort, and enhancing the effectiveness of other pain-relieving ingredients.

Superior Relief, Premium Benefits

  • Precisely address muscle pain, joint discomfort, strains, and sprains for localized, effective relief.
  • Choose between gentle warmth or revitalizing coolness, tailoring therapy to your specific pain needs.
  • Utilize cutting-edge adhesive technology 
  • Infused with carefully selected herbal ingredients, promoting holistic pain management.
  • Wear comfortably beneath clothing for discreet, on-the-go relief.
  • Effortlessly apply patches without interrupting your routine for convenient pain management.
  • Ideal for athletes, professionals, and active individuals seeking versatile pain relief.
  • Rigorous clinical testing ensures reliable and safe pain relief.
  • Experience the synergy of breathable fabric and herbal therapy, redefining comfort and wellbeing.

Direction for Use

  1. Clean the Area: Begin by making sure the area where you want to apply the patch is clean and dry.
  2. Open the Pack: Tear open the seal of the SootheSpot™ Patches Pack.
  3. Peel and Stick: Carefully peel off the patch and apply it directly on the sore or painful area. Secure it firmly against your skin.
  4. Apply as Needed: The SootheSpot™ Patch can remain on for up to 24 hours, depending on your comfort level. Replace with a new patch as needed.
  5. Dispose Properly: Safely dispose of the used patch following local waste management guidelines.


Type: pain relief patch
Target User: general
Material: non woven fabric
Shelf Life: 2 years

Product Includes

1 x SootheSpot™ Patches Pack

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