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Algae Repellent Agent

Algae Repellent Agent

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 Don't Let Algae Get You Down!

Algae is a problem that plagues many ponds, especially during summer months when the sun is out in full force. It can make your water murky and gross-looking, so you're not going to want to swim in it anymore. It's time to put a stop to those pesky green spots in your pond or aquarium. We're talking about algae, people. That stuff that grows on rocks, trees, and all of your favorite things when the weather gets hot and humid. You know what we mean—the stuff that clogs up your filters, makes it hard to see through your water, and just plain looks bad.

But with Algae Repellent Agent, you can have a clear, clean pond again!

Our product is designed to be safe for use around fish and plants in ponds or aquariums. It works by creating an environment that algae simply cannot thrive in, so it will die off naturally over time. The algae will also cause less damage to your fish because they won't have to swim through as much gunk on their way around their habitat—they'll be able to see where they're going more easily with crystal clear waters!


  • Fast Acting Solution - works quickly and efficiently to keep your pond or aquarium free of algae
  • Safe Formula - made from powerful ingredients that eliminate existing algae growth without harming fish or plants, completely organic and environment friendly
  • Preventive Treatment -  a powerful algae deterrent that helps you to keep your water clear and clean for months at a time, creates a protective barrier on the surface of the water that prevents new algae from forming

  • Crystal Clear Water -  will keep your water clear so that you can enjoy the beauty of your aquatic environment without worrying about the growth of algae
  • Widely Usable - you can use Algae Repellent Agent in ponds, aquariums, and koi ponds. It will also help reduce the need for chemicals in your garden or flower beds by preventing lawn algae from making its way into nearby bodies of water.
  • Easy Application - no need for heavy manual clean up, simply put the formula onto the water for instant purification
  • Healthier Water Habitat - has no negative impact on water quality or pH levels, so you don't have to worry about harming any living creatures in your pond when using the product


  • Weight: 50g
  • Material: Plastic 

Product Includes

  • 1 x Algae Repellent Agent

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