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All-Round AirClouds Pillow

All-Round AirClouds Pillow

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Body aches keeping you up at night? Get the relief you need using our All-Round AirClouds Pillow.

This unique pillow has an ergonomic curve design that cushions and supports your head and neck from all sides.

It’s filled with micro airballs that automatically adjust to your neck and head.

You’ll always be sleeping in a comfortable position, providing relief from sleep issues like back pain and neck pain.

It's super soft, breathable and stretchable for the best sleeping experience.



  • Supportive Design - Its ergonomic curve design cushions and supports your head and neck from all sides.
  • Self-Adjusting Shape - Filled with micro airballs that adjust to your neck and head so you always sleep comfortably.

  • Pain Relief - Ensures a better sleeping position, relieving neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, headaches and other sleeping troubles.
  • Ultra Comfortable - Super soft, stretchable, breathable and odorless for the most comfortable experience.
  • Easy to Clean - Conveniently machine and hand washable. Can be used without cleaning for an extended time.
  • Safe to Use - Skin-friendly with no toxic or chemical ingredients.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 55 cm x 33 cm x 10 cm
  • Color: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue

Product Includes

  • 1 x All-Round AirClouds Pillow

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