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Botanical Lip Volume Essence

Botanical Lip Volume Essence

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Plump The Volume Of Your Lips In No Time!!

Shape and add volume to your lips to achieve the best lip contour for a more kissable look! Our Botanical Lip Volume has the most stimulating ingredients which offers nothing but the best to quickly give you that perfect pout

Find Out Our Happy Customers’ Topnotch Remarks Using This Botanical Lip Volume Essence

Cathy, age 24,used to feel conscious about her lips which were literally thin eversince! She wanted them to look a little bigger in her photos without undergoing any surgery. She finally came across this product and it was a sure hit for her! It  almost doubled the size of her normal lips! 

“ I have always wanted to increase the size of my lips since I was teenager. I feel awkward looking at the mirror and taking my own photos with thin lips. Surgery was never an option for me so I grabbed this stuff online. I love that it instantly plumped them, with a nice formula that’s moisturizing and long lasting! I really don’t have to frequently reapply it to achieve that pouty look! I feel  even more gorgeous in my photos this time! A million thanks!!

Emma, a housewife from South Carolina,  found her lips to be dull and dry. She has almost forgotten to take care of it while staying at home, attending to her family’s needs. She is going back to work soon and needs to look fabulous! This essence was her perfect choice! In a matter of weeks, she got the lips she desired! 

“ I never had the chance to reinvent myself while staying at home, busy taking care of my family. Just recently, I got a notice that I should be returning back to work. I never wanted to look odd with my lips that were dull and dry. This essence was the best remedy I must say! I never run a test on lip plumpers but this one made a huge transformation on my look! I have softer fuller-looking lips immediately! Can’t thank this product enough!!

What are the Potent Ingredients That Make This Botanical Lip Volume Essence Effectively Reliable?

Healthy lips have become a highly sought beauty feature for women. Various treatments and injections have been a popular choice for many but never knew the side effects afterwards. That is why a safer and healthier option like Botanical Lip Volume Essence  has been developed and become the latest trend due to its highly conclusive composition way more essential than others. Below are the worthwhile ingredients that help get the job done!

  • Ginger - promotes lip cell growth and effectively plumps the lips while speeding up the blood circulation.
  • Mint - promotes the production of vascular endothelial cytokines and enhances the effect of lip enlargement

  • Vitamin E - acts as an antioxidant  that helps fight against the skin cell damage believed to be caused by free radicals. It moisturizes, soothes irritation, protects from sun damage and even has  subtle plumping properties. 

Take A look At Jennifer’s Lip Transformation After Using Botanical Lip Volume Essence

I applied this essence an hour before our  college gathering in a hotel. I know for a fact that all my friends would absolutely look great and fabulous with their outfits and make ups and I felt a little intimidated because of my  lip appearance. All along I wanted them to be pouty and more enhanced and that night at all happened instantly!

I got hooked with this essence and in the course of four weeks of constantly using it,  it has significantly increased my lips fullness and firmness, while not causing any redness or stinging after application. My lips looked more natural  and sexy!


  • Extremely Nourishing - using this essence will avoid the struggle of having dry and chapped lips. Keeping your lips moisturized will give you a plumper and softer pout.
  • Organic Formulation -  made from 100% safe and natural ingredients with powerful properties that will effectively protect your lips anytime of the day. 
  • Soft As A Butter - you can apply this right after putting on your favorite lipstick, giving your lips that softer and fuller effect.
  • Dual Action - the ginger essence provides your lips that extra shine and plump during the day. The mint extract functions as a sleeping lip mask that repairs, smoothes and softens your lips.
  • Natural Lip Enhancer - this essence will surely plump your lips, increasing the size and perfecting the contour  in the most natural way!
  • Long Lasting - absolutely water proof and touch proof, lets you enjoy fuller lips round the clock!

How To Effectively Use Botanical Lip Volume Essence

  1. Apply the essence on your lips, or on top of your favorite lipstick.
  2. Let the plumping take effect.
  3. Use regularly to achieve the pouty lips you desire.


  • Net Weight: 5.5 ml
  • Quantity: 2 essences
  • Dimension: 9.4cm X 8.1cm X 2.1cm

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1 x Botanical Lip Volume Essence

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