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Defrost and Defog Car Heater

Defrost and Defog Car Heater

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Defrost and Defog Car Heater

Defrost and Defog Car Heater

Regular price $37.97
Regular price $37.97 Sale price $74.97
SAVE 49% Sold out

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Instant Removal of Frost and Fog!

Waiting for the car heater to warm up or demist its windows can feel like a lifetime during those cold mornings. You never have to worry about that again with the Defrost and Defog Car Heater! It provides instant heat to warm up your car 3x faster than your usual car heaters when the weather is freezing cold outside.


The Defrost and Defog Car Heater works best for defogging or defrosting your windshield to prevent from blurring the line of sight. It can quickly be heated within one minute, ensure fast heating and convenient warming effect. It can also be used as a fan to cool your car in the summer, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 



  • FAST AND EFFICIENT: Features a high-powered fan so you can easily heat the atmosphere of your car without having to wait for the engine to warm up
  • CONVENIENT: The heater has three outlets for wider and convenient coverage
  • PRACTICAL: it will save you fuel by using your car's alternator to keep the heater powered instead of gas and it saves your time too because it heats faster than ordinary car heaters
  • 2-in-1 FUNCTION: This can be used as your personal heater for warmer driving in cold winter and it has a cold air setting that lets you enjoy cooler air during summer

  • EASY TO USE: You can simply plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and it can remove the ice and frost from the windshield
  • SAFE: It has a built-in fuse that will automatically cut off the power when there are safety hazards
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The 12V car heater can be rotated 180 degrees so you can freely adjust according to your preference
  • WIDE APPLICATION: It is suitable for car, camping, travel and keeping warm in winter


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Output Power: 150W
  • Cable length: 120cm
  • Overall Dimension: 17*11*4 cm
  • Color: Black / Red


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Defrost and Defog Car Heater

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