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Herbal Tinealess Cream

Herbal Tinealess Cream

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Herbal Tinealess Cream

Herbal Tinealess Cream

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Tinea is a group of diseases caused by a fungal infection. It is transmitted through tactile contact on damp surfaces such as shared showers, baths, and pools. It can also leap through the zoological barrier and infect humans through contact with an infected animal or pet. While not often serious, it is uncomfortable and poses a hurdle and inconvenience to a daily routine. Made from organic ingredients, the Herbal Tinealess Cream is here to eliminate your ringworm problems. The Herbal Tinealess Cream is safe, organic, and FDA approved.


Markus is a swimming instructor at the local pool. He works with water and damp spaces a lot and unfortunately caught a case of tinea. Now he has Herbal Tinealess Cream on his side, he lives ringworm and itch-free life!

-” I noticed little red circles on my arms and legs. I thought those were mosquito bites, but it turns out they were fungal infections caused by ringworms.  My doctor recommended my other Herbal Tinealess Cream. To my surprise, the itching and redness all disappeared in just one week! The entire process was painless and I felt no discomfort at all! When I looked at my arms and legs, I couldn’t see any trace of the infection; it was as if it never happened! This is a thumbs up for me!”

Harry is a runner and always hits the tracks to beat his record. His discipline is unwavering, and so is his sweat. His sweaty feet became a breeding ground for Athlete’s Foot. Now he’s back on the track in just one week with Herbal Tinealess Cream! Let’s listen to what he has to say! 

-” Around last week, my foot started to itch so bad, especially right after taking my socks off. The itching was so bad that I had to skip my usual running routine to visit my doctor. My doctor recommended my Herbal Tinealess Cream. It took around a week for the infection to subside and the itchiness to basically disappear! I never experienced any sort of pain or discomfort during the treatment period.”


The Herbal Tinealess Cream is made from organic ingredients such as Oregano Aloe and that possess anti-fungal properties.  It is a fast-acting anti-fungal cream that painlessly eliminates ringworm-related infections in just one week!

  • Benefits of other main ingredients includes...
  • Oregano- Oregano contains high levels of thymol, a powerful toxin against fungi but non-toxic to humans.
  • Honey- Aside from being a sweetener, it possesses powerful antibacterial properties that combat athlete’s foot and ringworm. It’s also beneficial for people suffering from skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, and acne). 
  • Aloe- Aside from being a powerful ingredient in hair treatment solutions, Aloe can treat ringworm infections and soothes symptoms such as reducing redness, inflammation, and discomfort.    
  • Avocado- This popular fruit contains persin, a toxin, and a natural antifungal. Persin is not harmful to humans. 




    • Organic - The Herbal Tinealess Cream consists of organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin, yet work effectively to combat infections.
    • Works in Every Place on the Body- The Herbal Tinealess Cream is suitable for use for any part of the body (face, legs, arms, back, foot, etc). 
    • Hydration- The Herbal Tinealess Cream can also be used in healthy skin as it can be used for cracked and dry skin. 
    • One Week Miracle- Eliminate tinea-related diseases in just seven days.


    • Thoroughly wash and dry the problem areas.
    • Apply the Herbal Tinealess Cream on and around the problem area(s). 
    • Massage the area until the product has been fully incorporated with the skin.
    • Let the product sit for no more than 10 minutes. 
    • For external use only.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • Avoid storing or contact with direct sunlight or high temperatures. 
    • Do not use it if you're experiencing allergic symptoms.
    • For pregnant women: Ask your doctor about the product before using it.  


    Main Ingredients: Aloe Extraction, Honey, Oregano, Avocado Extraction

    Shelf Life: 3 Years

    Weight: 30g


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