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Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

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Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Seal Those Gaps and Leaks Away!!

Can't wait for your new waterproofing project to be complete?

If you've got a leaky pipe, a crack in the foundation, or just a little damp spot on your wall, Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste is here to help!

This water-based sealant is paintable and can be used to waterproof a large variety of surfaces. It's also leakproof—so if you're trying to cover up a hole in your basement wall, this stuff will seal it right up. It won't mess up your paint job. It's easy to apply, and it dries in just minutes!

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Find Out Amazing Stories from Our Happy Customers’ Who Used Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

“ I really happen to like this Instant Waterproof repair Sealant Paste. It was fairly easy to put on and it so far seems to have worked. One of my problems was a leaky drain pipe under the kitchen sink. So, yes, I should have called a plumber, but there was only a slight leak until the sink finally clogged up. Every time I would work on the drain it would leak more. So I applied some of this stuff around the area where I thought the leak was and it stopped the leak completely. Such a must-have item at home!” - Ritchie., 37, Maryland - 

We live in an old house, and small cracks appear depending on the weather. Right now, I’m getting the house ready for summer and sealing the cracks to keep the bugs outside. And there are many parts where this sealant is much better than caulk. Especially to seal tiny cracks. So, this Instant  Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste has been of great help, because it is thick but easy and precise to apply, and it is compatible with nearly any material from concrete, to wood.” -  Alyssa., 42, Philadelphia - 

What Makes Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant A Must Have Item For Your Repair Needs?

The most important thing to know about home repair is that it's essential, and it's not just for old houses. Home repairs are necessary for all kinds of reasons. You may need to fix a leaky roof, replace a broken window, or make your home more energy-efficient. You might even want to change the color of your walls or add new flooring. The point is: home repairs are an investment in your future—and they're not just for older homes. In fact, newer homes can be more susceptible to problems like leaks, mold growth, and falling roof tiles because they're generally built with low-quality materials that don't hold up well under pressure. The good news? There are lots of ways you can protect yourself from these kinds of issues by doing simple things like changing out your air filters regularly or keeping up with routine maintenance like caulking cracks around doors/windows/sills where water may seep into your house from outside sources (like rain).

Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste will help you prevent secondary damage which is the kind of damage that happens as a result of previous damages that have happened in the house before. This innovative product is made from high-quality material that delivers effective sealing and provides superior flexibility, strength, and durability, perfect for almost every application. It reduces the rate at which water passes through various surfaces, which helps protect them from damage caused by water or other liquids. The sealant also prevents the passage of air, which helps bring off cracking, deterioration, and other issues that can cause water to penetrate the surface of your home or business. You can definitely save yourself from costly repairs, keeping your homes and other materials in good overall condition.

What It Is Made Of and How Do They Work?

Polyurethane - is a class of polymers that are used in many different applications. They are made from the reaction between an isocyanate and a polyol, which results in a condensation reaction. Polyurethanes can be made as either flexible or rigid materials, depending on the formulation used. Polyurethane sealants are typically used to seal cracks and gaps in concrete and masonry walls. They can also be used to fill holes in woodwork and floors, as well as along surface joints in brickwork.

Resin - is a type of plastic used in sealants as a binder. It provides strength and durability to the sealant, making it less likely to break down when exposed to high temperatures or other stressors. Resin can be made from numerous different chemical compounds including polymers, plastics, and vinyl. The resin can be modified with additives such as waxes and oils to make it more flexible, which is essential for some types of sealants.

Take A Look AT Alfred’s Ultimate Experience With Instant Waterproof repair Sealant Paste

Before Use: 

We just transferred from an old apartment house a couple of months ago and discovered a lot of leaks all over the place. My wife and I decided to just repair the house ourselves instead of spending bucks looking for professional aid and repairmen to get the job done. We started searching for the right sealant before repainting the entire apartment and we stumbled into this stuff. It took us about two weeks before finally completing all the sealing in the gaps and cracks.

After Use:

The sealant was absolutely heaven-sent! It dried quickly and was very timely! Just exactly after two weeks, it rained and we were extremely worried that It might have caused serious flooding everywhere in the house but we were wrong! There were no signs of leaks at all! The entire house is now ready for full repainting! 

Excellent Benefits of Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

  • Seals all kinds of application
  • Suitable for almost all types of surfaces and materials
  • Extremely waterproof and weatherproof
  • Adheres strongly on both dry surfaces 
  • Provides superior flexibility, strength, and durability
  • Made from a high-quality formula
  • Absolutely economical
  • Keep your homes and other materials in the good overall condition
  • Instant repair solution
  • Prevents further damages 
  • Non-toxic, environment friendly
  • Easy to store
  • Quick Visible result


  • Create a small opening on the nozzle.
  • Place a stick of fine-grained paper on the surface for the precise application
  • Gently squeeze the paste 
  • Use a  small plastic to flatten and spread the paste evenly 
  • Carefully remove the paper
  • Wait for the paste to fully dry ( approximately about 24 hours)


  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Size: 16 cm x 6 cm
  • Materials: polyurethane, resin, glue

Product Includes

  • 1/2/3/6 x Instant Waterproof Repair Sealant Paste

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