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Lymph Therapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet

Lymph Therapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet

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Your body collects toxins every day, every minute, even! These toxins can come from the food we eat or the pathogens that enter our bodies. Our lymph nodes are like a natural cleaning machine, it collects and drains toxins from our bodies and expels them through sweating, excretion, and vomiting. However, sometimes your body needs an extra boost to detoxify. Swollen lymph nodes occur when the lymphatic system is incapable of properly detoxing and causes ball-sized lumps to appear on your underarms, neck, and groin area.

You can eliminate all of that with the LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet!

The LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet is a safe, non-invasive, medically tested and approved, and FDA-certified lymph detox bracelet for you!

Get yours today!


Janina was able to detox in just two weeks. Now, all the swelling on her underarms and neck are all a thing of the past thanks to the LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet!

-” This is an amazing product, I never knew I could detox without taking any sorts of medicine!”

Hanna’s lymph nodes are history all thanks to the LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet, now she feels so much healthier!

-” The swelling just disappeared in two weeks! I can see the progression of my condition where the swelling decreases and decreases until they’re gone. Not only that, but I also feel so much healthier now!”


Germanium has been proven and tested for its slimming and detoxifying properties. It helps split and eliminate excess fat in the body which leads to weight loss. Its detoxifying properties also help with getting rid of cellulitis, decreasing blood pressure, and reducing blood clots.


Week 1

“My lymph nodes have swelled so much. I have not drank tea in months because I ran out of stock, however, my friends recommended the LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet to help me get rid of the swelling. I never experienced this before and I want it gone just in time for a summer beach party!”

Week 4

“The swelling has halved in size and I can move my underarms and clip my arms close to me without feeling uncomfortable or feeling in pain. I’ve also been detoxing a lot by sweating and shedding water weight.”

Week 8

“The swelling has completely disappeared. My underarms, neck, and groin have all become a thing of the past. I also lost around 15 pounds all because of detoxing. I feel so much better than before and my pants and shirts now have a looser fit on me! I’m continuing to wear the bracelet and ring because they’re so cute and fashionable. It has a nice dainty geometric design that makes it look elegant and enhances the femininity of my hands.”  


  • Promotes Healthy Weight Loss-  Losing too much weight leads to muscle loss, gallstones, and fatigue. Hematite promotes a gradual and healthy rate of weight loss to prevent adverse conditions. 
  • Reduces Blood Pressure- Hypertension is a dangerous condition, and the  LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet helps regulate blood flow to keep your heart healthy. 
  • Double the Effect- Most lymph detox aids take quite a long time to take effect but with the 2-in-1 power of the  LymphTherapy 2-in-1 Ring & Bracelet, you can get rid of swollen lymph nodes within two weeks! 
  • Pain Relief- No need to worry about the aching or discomfort with swollen lymph nodes because Hematite works as an effective natural localized analgesic that keeps the pain and discomfort at bay. 
  • Easy to Use- Utilize health and fashion with the  LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet. 
  • Lowkey- The LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet sports an elegant and simple design that can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. 


  • Wear the ring and bracelet as much as possible.
  • Periodically remove the ring and bracelet if the fit is too tight.
  • Continue to wear the ring and bracelet to maintain detoxification regulations.
  • Do not wear the bracelet while showering and washing your hands; do not submerge the bracelet in water. 
  • If the bracelet has been submerged in water, immediately wipe it dry with a towel or tissue paper.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • For external use only.


Ingredients: Hematite Stone, Copper, Rhinestones, Zircon

Net Weight: 8g

Design Options: White K White Diamond, Color AB Diamond, Gold AB Diamond, Golden Red Diamond, Gold Star, White K Love

Color Options: White, Gold, Golden Red

Size: 2-5cm / 0.78-1.96in

Target Audience: Women

Target Age: Adults

Applicable Skin Types: Hands, Wrist, Fingers

Health Benefits: Slimming, Detox, Anti-Inflammation, Lymph Node Health


1X LymphTherapy 2 in 1 Ring & Bracelet 


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