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OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

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Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is caused by a multitude of environmental, psychological, and genetic factors. Some populations, mainly men, are more prone to balding due to their higher testosterone levels. Meanwhile, women who are predisposed to androgen exposure are more prone to baldness. Hormones such as menopause and other reporductive health issues may cause hair loss in women. Stress is also a common factor for hair loss. Meanwhile other factors such as overstyling (repeated and constant bleaching, teazing, and coloring), pollution, UV exposure, an incorrect, adequate, or excessive washing, may also be a contributing factor to hair loss.

You can regrow bald and thin spots with the OrginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar, the best and safest shampoo bar for you!


Jamie now boasts a a full head of hair and is sporting a nice, thin beard all thanks to the OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar!

-”My hairline started to recede as soon as I hit twenty-five. The rate of hair loss was concerning, and good thing my dermatologist recommended the OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar! The new hair on my head is just as strong and moisturized as the other hair on my head. It’s strong enough to be styled and blowdried.”

Charisse used to have brittle hair which resulted in hair loss. Now, her hair has increased in strength and moisturization all thanks to the OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar.

-”I’m so happy that I was able to finally style and tie my hair. My hair used to be really brittle but after using this for around two months, the health of my hair significantly improved. My hair became so resistant and strong that I was able to get a hot oil treatment without losing large clumps of my hair.”


Rice Water is a common ant-hair loss treatment in Asian countries. Rice Water is the cloudy water that accumulates after rice has been soaked for a few hours. Rice water contains Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Vitamin B (biotin) aids with hair loss in humans and it is a common hair loss alternative treatment to hair transplants. Vitamin E, on the other hand, also supports hair growth. This powerful antioxidant helps reduce oxidative stress and preserves the protective lipid layer of your scalp.

Lastly, rice water protects the hair follicles by acting as a coating, which manifests in smoother and silkier hair. It also decreases hair friction and increases hair elasticity.

Angelica Root aids with anti-inflammatory proceses. It is also an anti-carcinogenic product that helps the skin (and the body in general), defend itself from cancer growth.




“I was surprised with how effective the shampoo bar was at cleaning my hair. I do fieldwork a lot, which means my hair is exposed to all sorts of pollutants, dirt and high temperature. Luckily, the shampoo bar was able to get rid of that. I would also like to comment that the product, though it is highly effective with cleaning my hair, it is surprisingly gentle and hydrating.”


“I can see some little hairs growing on my thin spots. The existing hair on that area has also begun to grow as well!”


“My hair has been growing nicely. It’s become long enough for me to comb. My new hair is just like the other hair on my head. It’s strong enough to resist hot oil treatment and styling, tying, and bleaching, and still retain its shine and moisture!”


  • Hair Growth- Regrow and hasten hair growth with the OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar! The product helps stimulate hair growth. 
  • Improve Hair Integrity- Strengthen brittle hair in just a few washes.
  • Cleansing- Wash off dirt, dust, pollution, and grime in your hair in just one wash.
  • Gentle- The shampoo bar is gentle on the skin. It does not contain any parabens, added scents, or irritants that may cause adverse reactions. 
  • Vegan and Organic- Achieve healthy and a full head of hair with pure organic ingredients such as rice protein and angelica root.
  • Environmentally Friendly- The OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar is a shampoo bar that doesn’t leave any harmful chemical traces that may harm the environment, and its packaging is more environmentally friendly than the plastic bottles where conventional shampoos in the market are stored. 


  • Wet your skin thoroughly.
  • With clean and wet hands, scrub and let the shampoo bubble.
  • With  bubbled/soapy hands, lather  and gently scrub your hair.
  • Scrub your hair in gentle circles.
  • Scrub more soap on your hair if needed.
  • Once satisfied, rinse your hair.
  • Do not use the soap on dry, cracked, bleeding, and damaged skin. Wash with warm water immediately.
  • If the product comes into contact with the eyes, wash your face with warm water immediately.
  • Store the product on a soap holder (preferably the ones with a strainer to prevent melting).
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • For external use only.


  • Ingredients: Rice Powder, Rice Protein, Angelica Extract, Soy, Wheat Germ
  • Audience: Men, Women
  • Applicable Age: Teens, Adults, Elderly
  • Applicable Body Part: Head, beard, mustache, chest 
  • Effect: Anti-Hair Loss, Hair Strengthening, Hair Cleansing, Hair Regrowth


1x  OriginPro Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

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