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LovePure™ Italian Solid Perfume

LovePure™ Italian Solid Perfume

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Find Out Amazing Stories From Our Happy Customers Who Used Flirting Solid Love Perfume

“This perfume really works. My boy friend is sticking to me every single day since then and it's been like 6 weeks.” - Kate., 29, United States - 

“I used to have a crush on my co-worker, but he was always so busy at his desk that he wouldn't notice me working right next to him. Then I started wearing your perfume every day, and suddenly he was asking me out on dates! I'm just so happy now." - Zyra., 32, United States - 

"I bought this product with the intention to simply open a tiny opportunity window with him. Surprising the perfume works quite well, it is long lasting. I can feel him lean closer to me and we chatted for the whole night " - Natalie., 36, United States - 


LovePure™ Italian Flirting Solid Perfume  is made with the finest ingredients with pure plant extracts. It’s a beautiful blend of citrus, floral and spice notes that will make you irresistible to your partner.

Whether you want to signal your interest in someone or just give the impression that you're always open to meeting new people, this perfume has got your back—and then some!


With LovePure™ Italian Flirting Solid Perfume , you'll be on fire—the kind of fire that burns with passion and desire. The kind of fire that can't be put out. The kind of fire that keeps you going, and going, and going. What are you waiting for? Get Yours today!!



What Make LovePure™ Italian Flirting Solid Perfume  So Powerful

Italian Pheromone perfume is a compound made of synthetic musk and plant compounds, they can reduce stress and enhance relaxation. This perfume is designed to make you smell sexier to others ,especially your partner. It can bring you closer to your loved one, improved mood, focus and sexual response. For those who already have good relationship , it can deepen the attraction from day to day .

Pheromones affect gonadal functions and sexual behaviors, which are mainly received by the vomeronasal sensory neurons (VSNs) in the vomeronasal organ (VNO).

  • Irresistible Fragrance - made with a unique blend of the most sensual and provocative scents. It's a mix of pheromones that will have you turning heads and getting noticed wherever you go.
  • Unique Style - this  perfume is crafted  in a convenient stick and matte form that makes it easy to apply on the go. The smell lasts for hours and hours (even through showers!).
  • Smell Anytime Anywhere - absolutely perfect for any occasion—whether you're spending time with friends or want to impress your crush.
  • Easy Application - made to be worn as a solid perfume, so you won't have to worry about it getting all over your clothes or sheets.
  • Blend with your skin PH to create a one-of-a-kind scent. Rich & silky texture for the perfect massages. Use it in your next bath. Compatible with diffuser.

How To Use

To use LovePure™ Italian Flirting Solid Perfume, you can either rub the solid perfume bar directly onto your skin or apply it to your pulse points. The solid perfume bar will melt into your skin and create a lasting scent.


  • Net Weight: 7.8 g

Product Includes

  • LovePure™ Italian Solid Perfume

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