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Slimming Magnet Hematite Anklet

Slimming Magnet Hematite Anklet

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Effortless Weight Reduction In No time!!

Get rid of those bulges and pooches the natural way! Shape your body effortlessly with this Slimming Magnet Hematite Anklet! A stylish and effective accessory to lose weight with a powerful stone to achieve a slimmer and healthier body non invasively. 

This magnetic weight loss anklet is equipped with pure Hematite stone proven and tested for healing and slimming treatment the natural way. Attractive and easy to put on and off, contains powerful magnetic beads that quickly stimulate a more vigorous weight reduction when worn around your ankles as it commands your body to efficiently split the fat cells into pieces, aiding your body to miss out the cellulitis faster and pain-free


  • Powerful Slimming Stone - made with 100% pure Hematite that delivers effective slimming and weight loss naturally,  with powerful healing capacities that prevent you from pigging out or binge eating to promote a healthier body
  • Easy Utilization - this accessory is simply worn around the ankle for everyday wear with a fashionable design to suit everyone’s style and needs. 
  • Wide Application - one size fits all, with its ergonomic design and elastic band. Suitable for all genders, perfect for any occasion while being casually dressed or simply lounging around. 
  • Healthy Benefits - enhances the energy centers of the body, also known as the Chakra healing,  stimulating faster and easier weight loss, ensuring a harmonious flow of energy for the entire well-being. Proven to help in digestion and metabolism, improves the overall blood circulation, relieves all sorts of pain, composes the body and mind to better function greatly.
  • Ideal Gift - no better way to show your love and care to your friends and keens by sharing this amazing anklet and letting them enjoy the benefits of its power!


  • Material: Hematite Stone
  • Dimension: 70mm

 Product Includes

1 x Slimming Magnet Hematite Anklet


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