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Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100 PCS)

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100 PCS)

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We love a nice dip in the pool, whether it is a small inflatable pool or a large backyard pool complete with a diving  board and a water slide. Dipping in the pool is the best way to cool ourselves during hot summer days or to exercise our muscles or even a nice way to get the kids to peel their eyes off of their phones and get some playtime. Either way, it is important to keep your pool clean, especially when it’s not in use!

Did you know that one tablet can clean your entire pool in just a few tablets? The Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100PCS) is the best way to keep your pool clean!

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Gabriel is an owner of a small pool in his backyard. He was happy that he’s able to keep his pool clean all thanks to the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100 PCS).

-”I’m happy I saved money and water without changing it every few days. A small tablet really helped me fish out all the dirt and insects that fell on the pool. Now, my nephews and  nieces are able to happily and safely play in the water all day long!”

Pearl owns the town’s small swimming pool. She’s able to keep it clean all year round thanks to the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100 PCS).

-”I’m very stringent with safety and cleanliness. The locals trust the facility and we have not had a single pool-related health concern in over fifty years. A part of the responsibilities of keeping the pool safe is to keep it clean. I’ve been using the  Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100PCS) for years now and it’s the best way to keep the pool clean. All I need to do is to drop a few tablets on each pool and leave it as is! A few minutes later, it’s all clean!”


Neglecting your pool can lead to recreational water illnesses (RWI). These illnesses include ear infections, respiratory infections, rashes, inflamed/red eyes, and diarrhea.  It is important to keep the pH (acidity) levels of the water maintained to kill water-borne bacteria, insect proliferation, and algae blooms.

The Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100PCS)  is made out of:

Chlorine. This is not a surprise that Chlorine is part of the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablets (100 PCS) ingredients. It is a common remedy to clean pools. According to the US CDC, adding chlorine in pool water provides “a first line of defense against germs that can make swimmers sick”. Meanwhile, according to the Superior Health Council of Belgium, chlorine is the best way to clean your pool and that there are no “available alternatives” that are as effective with cleaning pools as chlorine. 

Hydrogen Peroxide helps disinfect water by decomposing pollutants and free oxygen radicals. It is a favored water disinfectant due to its biocidal efficacy and oxidative properties. In water treatment, Hydrogen peroxide does not leave any chemical residue, decomposes naturally in water, removes odors caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, cleans organic deposits from irrigation systems, and is environmentally safe and does not contaminate local water sources when flushed or drained. Hydrogen peroxide is safe on the skin in small amounts.



“My pool hasn’t been cleaned in a week and I want to keep it clean without changing water all the time. Good thing I’ve been using the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100 PCS) for years now and I know exactly what to do! All I did was place a single tablet on this small inflatable pool and let it do its thing.”


“After a few hours of letting it sit and do its thing, I can see the dirt starting to lift from the sides and floor of the pool. It’s easier for me to fish them out with a net. After cleaning the insects, dust, hair, and other gunk from my pool, it’s good to go!”


Disinfects Water- The Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet (100PCS) disinfects all pool sizes and volumes.

Purified Water- The tablets ensure elimination of algae and water-born bacteria and pathogens.

Long Lasting- No need to clean your pool for the next two weeks after using the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablets (100 PCS).

Effective- The product is just as effective as traditionally chlorinating your pool.

Non-Toxic and Safe- The Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet is safe for children and people with sensitive skin.

UV Protection- Unlike conventional chlorine treatment, the Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablet is effective with protecting skin from sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and harmful UV accumulation and overexposure.


  • Drop one tablet on small pools and 2 tablets on bigger pools.
  • Wait for the tablets to dissolve.
  • After the tablet has been dissolved, collect the dirt and gunk with a net. 
  • After cleaning the pool, it is now safe for use.
  • Do not ingest/ not for human consumption.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Ingredients: Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide

Net Weight: 100g

Sector: Business, Residential 

Effects: Pool Cleaning, Water Disinfection


X1 Swimming Pool Cleaning Tablets (100 PCS) 

X1 Floating Pool Magic Dispenser

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