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Your skin is a tough layer of interwoven proteins that shields your internal organs from bumps and damage. Your skin is also a mediator between the outside environment and your body; it regulates temperature which causes sweating during hot days, and skin dryness during cold days. 

Your skin is made up of over 60% water and, just like any other organ, goes through wear and tear. The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum is the best way to get rid of the most common skin conditions: dryness, oiliness, and acne. Made from organic ingredients, the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum is the perfect serum to eliminate blemishes and enhance your skin’s radiance and maintain its youthfulness.

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Sandra’s acne has been bothering her for a week now. At thirty-two, she hasn’t had an outbreak as bad as this since her teenage years. However, her acne problems all went away after using the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum!

-” At first I was skeptical that a serum would be effective in treating my already oily and acne-prone skin. However, I have the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum a try and in just less than a month, my acne began to shrink, and eventually, the redness and inflammation disappeared!”

Fernan’s skin has been in a bad condition due to the worst acne breakout in his adult life. Now, his skin has been smooth, vibrant, and flawless all thanks to the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum! 

-” I didn’t realize that a simple serum could be so effective in treating acne. I have dry skin, which is prone to acne and I’m glad the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum was there to treat my breakout without any pain or discomfort. It’s also non-sticky and easy to wash off with the usual soaps and cleansers!”


Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana)  is a shrub endemic in North America that has a multitude of skin and hair benefits. It treats greasy roots in hair, which prevents and calms irritation. In skincare, Witch Hazel is effective against certain types of acne (cysts and pustules which are inflammatory acne) and treats it by triggering an anti-inflammatory response. Witch Hazel dries acne blemishes better than other anti-acne treatments. It can also treat sunburns, bug bites, cuts and wounds, diaper rashes, hemorrhoids, and other burns.  Additionally, Witch Hazel can also treat other blemishes such as whiteheads and blackheads

Licorice Roots (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract) treat pigmentation issues such as sun spots and sunburn. The toot is a powerful antioxidant that helps atopic dermatitis, rosacea (redness), and psoriasis. It protects the skin from UV overexposure which reduces the risk of certain types of skin cancer and pigmentation issues. Licorice Root is a pregnancy-safe retinol alternative that hydrates your skin and makes your skin firm and young-looking. 

Rhubarb (Rheum Officinale) is a plant, the stalk is commonly eaten while the root and step are used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is rich in Vitamin C (collagen production and skin brightening), Vitamin A (prevents inflammatory acne lesions), Vitamin K (support cell treatment damaged by scarring), Calcium (cell renewal and anti-inflammatory agent), Potassium (heals blemishes and scars), Manganese (protects the skin from oxidation and UV damage),  Magnesium (reduces acne and redness by hormonal stabilization and lowering cortisol levels), and beta carotene  (reduces acne via anti-inflammatory processes). 



“I’ve always had acne-prone skin, which is out of place for someone in their thirties. I have acne on my cheeks which hinders my appearance. I’ve tried more abrasive products in the hopes of quickly getting rid of my acne but that just made my skin even redder and my acne just got worse.”


“My skin has dried out in just a week. Because of this, their redness has slightly weighed and the inflammation has decreased as well. The size of my acne has also halved.”


“In just a month, my acne disappeared. All that was left was clear and smooth skin. My skin became hydrated but balanced! The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum didn’t leave any scarring at all, and the serum didn’t give me any adverse reactions, pain, or discomfort. The serum itself dries quickly and it doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue.” 


  • Anti-Acne- Eliminate acne with the VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum!
  • Deep Acting- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum eliminates acne from its roots, targeting acne from the inside out.
  • Anti-Inflammatory- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne severity.
  • Treats Other Blemishes- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum treats other blemishes such as blackheads, whiteheads, and scars.
  • Collagen-Boosting- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum contains collagen-boosting properties that protect the skin from UV damage and oxidation.
  • All Skin Types- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum is safe for all skin types.
  • Daily- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum can be used every day to ensure maximum results. 
  • Unisex- The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum is suitable for unisex use. 


  • Wash and dry your face as you normally would.
  • Use a toner and pat your face dry.
  • Place 1-2 drops of VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum onto your fingers.
  • Spread the serum on and around the problem area(s) and massage your skin in an upward manner to prevent skin sagging.
  • Pat your face dry.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Use twice a day, daily.
  • Do not use it on open, bleeding, and healing wounds.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • For external use only.


Ingredients: Sophora Flavescens Root Extract, Rheum Officinale Extract, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract, Psidium Guajava Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana, Camellia Sinensis 

Net Weight: 17ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Target Audience: Men, Women, General, Unisex

Target Age: Teens, Adults

Applicable Body Parts: Face

Applicable Skin Types: All Skin Types, are most beneficial for oily, dry, and acne-prone skin type

Cosmetic Effects: Anti-Acne, Anti-Blackhead, and Anti-Whitehead, Scar Removal, Hydrating


1X VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Serum

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