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ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings

ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings

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Lymphatic Acupressure Points: The Latest Weapon Against Puffy and Aged Skin

You can detoxify and get a perfect v-shapes face with the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings! Magnetic clip-on design, giving pressure on the accurate acupoints, and  gently encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body to achieve a nonsurgical facelift in 2 weeks

This acceleration of the lymphatic system is an evidence-backed game changer. It is proven that lymphatic drainage improves the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags.

No Piercing Needed! Get yours today!


Leticia always want a v-shaped face. She tried other detoxing cleanses such as juices and other fitness trends but none of them worked. However, the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings came to her rescue and got rid of her puffy face in 3 weeks!

-”I was concerned when I saw the puffiness on my face and my doctor said that my lymph nodes were swollen. I saw the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings and tried in on and in just a few weeks, the puffiness disappeared!”

Bonnet hated her doubled chin. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about that with the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings!

-”I felt the detoxing such as light nausea and headache but that was all due to the ring doing its thing. I was shocked that it really helped reduce the size of my chin. After 2 weeks, my jawline is there again!”


The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings is made from metals, which have compounds such as Copper and Iron, which enables the body to form red blood cells which support immune and circulatory function. Additionally, copper plays a role with collagen production, which makes your skin look tight and young, thus preventing loose and dangling skin.




“My age is a contributing factor to my sagging skin so I bought the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings in the hopes of getting rid of my aged skin.”


“Amazing! The sagging has halved in size and the fine lines completely disappeared! I’m in shock with how quick the results came!I was so impressed, it tightens my skin, wrinkle are gone and that make me look younger!”


Reduce Fine Lines and Give you a perfect V-Shaped Face - The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings can get rid of swollen lymph nodes in just less than a month! Which enhance blood circulation and become your best beauty remedy. 

Detoxing - The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings naturally detoxes your body and drains your lymph nodes off of excessive lymphatic fluid and accumulated toxins. Rest assured, the ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings would make you feel refreshed in just a few weeks!

Weight Loss - The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings can also help you lose weight due to its ability to boost your energy levels through detoxing.

24-Hour Use - The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings can be worn as long as possible or as long as you’re comfortable with wearing it.

Unisex - The ZZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings is suitable for unisex use due to its sleek and simple design.

Hypoallergenic - The ZEZUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings is safe for people with metal allergy.

Small and Compact - The ZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings boasts a small and compact design that has a simple design which would suit both formal and casual fashion. 


  • Wear the ZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Magnetic Earrings on your ear like normal earrings (no piercing needed).
  • Take them off when taking a shower.
  • Keep out the reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a stable, dry, and cool place like a jewelry box.
  • For external use only.


Ingredients: Stainless Steel, Zircon

Pattern: Geometric

Style: Unisex

Color Options: White Zircon, Black Zircon, Golden White Zircon 

Size Options: 6mm


1 / 2 / 3 pair x ZEUS Acupoints Lymphvity Earrings

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